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Suggestions for Best Portraits

For the most pleasing portraits, keep it simple.  It is you and your loved ones you wish to portray in a clear friendly portrait statement.

  • Clothing - Choose apparel and jewelry that helps you make the statement you want.  Choose colors, patterns, and styles in shades that compliment.  Avoid patterns that distract, solid colors work best. Most students bring in 3 - 4 outfits.
  • Makeup - Use makeup wisely to enhance skin, you can use 20% more since the camera diminishes it a bit.  Because we are trained by constant bombardment of the media, to focus on skin, show only the skin you want your viewers to see.
  • Visualize the result - Use your imagination and, in your mind's eye, see the finished portrait on your wall, framed and displayed as a statement of love and respect to the eyes of the viewer.
  • Gifts of love - Portraits, given to those most important to you, are gifts of love no other gift can match.  Plan to give portraits to those that mean the most to you.
  • Distinctive Portrait Photography - is our business.  If you have a specific idea, or just a question, please discuss it will us before we begin photography.  If you have a definite idea of how you want to be photographed, we will be happy to follow your wishes.  And we have a few ideas of our own that have been well accepted.  Also, we have some extraordinary framed examples on display.
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