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For the most important photographs you have ever had taken.

Here you are, soon to be a Senior, and now lots of people are giving you choices to make.
One major choice you will soon make is, who will take your Senior portrait?

Let Suburban Studio help you make the right choice.
  • Experience you can count on - We have the most digital photographic experience of any studio around.
  • Creativity on Demand - You have seen our images. Now you choose the best look for yourself.
  • Delivery at the speed of light! - Your images can be viewed right on our website in the proofs section.
  • Absolute Commitment - Suburban Studio guarantees satisfaction with our photography. 
  • Digital Design - Photography beyond film. Here is where you leave film in the dust. Your imagination is the only limit.
  • Designer Packages at REAL Savings! - Packages selected from over a third of a century of experience and now made even more flexable with your panel choices.
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