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Senior Picture Packages Prices

 Each package includes up to 3 poses. 
Please add $14.99 for each additional pose pose over 3 used in a package. See Ala Carte Panel prices for real upgrade savings.


One 11x14 or 10x15 Wall Portrait
One 8x10 Portrait
Five -Panel Selections
112 Wallet Special
Your own personal six foot long
Graduation Banner or
25 Grad Cards



One 16x20 Wall Portrait
One 8x10 Portraits
Four - Panel Selections

You save over



One 11x14 or 10x15 Wall Portrait
One 8x10 Portraits
Three - Panel Selections

Save up to



One 11x14 or 10x15 Wall Portrait
Five - Panel Selections
56 Wallet Special

You save over $89


Wallet Special

56 Wallet Images

64% off regular price!


Portrait Panel Selections

Each of these are a panel selection from one pose.

8x10 Panel
1 - 8x10
5x7 Panel
2 - 5x7

4x5 Panel
4 - 4x5

Wallets Panel
8 - Wallet

All poses will be retouched before printing.

All images are copyrighted at the immediate time of origination.  
All reproduction rights belong exclusively and permanently to Suburban Studio.

Suburban Studio reserves the right to use any image for promotional purposes.

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