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Price Schedule for Restoration & Reprints

Image Scan

A new picture from your picture.
We scan your original and make reprints from the resulting file.

Electronic Artwork

A better picture from your picture.
Your original image is scanned and restored in our digital work station.  Electronic artwork is done to improve and repair the image.  The restored file is then printed to photographic paper.
$50 per hour

Photographic Reprints

Prints are made on genuine photographic paper.
These are photographs, not imitations.

20x30 - $189
20x24 - $149
16x20 - $99
11x14 - $69
10x15- $69
8x10 - $49
5x7 - $29
4x5 - $19
Wallet sets of 8 - $39

Discounts apply for extra prints ordered at the same time.

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