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Portraits to Preserve Pet Memories

Because each pet we photograph is as unique as it's owner, individual attention is absolutely indispensable. A minimum of one hour is needed for us and your pet to get aquatinted enough to photograph. In order to achieve the quality our clients have come to expect from us, our subjects must be totally at ease with us and the portrait environment. It is assumed that the behavior of the pet will be the responsibility of the owner.

Each of our pet photographers are pet owners. They understand the love you have for your pet and your need to have sensitive individual portraits of the one you have chosen as your pal. Your pet will remember you always. Here is a beautiful way for you to always remember your pet.

Consultation before photography is free.
We both need a clear understanding of exactly what the final portrait should look like, who the viewer will be, and how it will be displayed.

Let Suburban Studio help you make the right choice.
  • Experience you can count on - We have the most digital photographic experience of any studio around.
  • Creativity on Demand - You have seen our images. Now you choose the best look for yourself.
  • Delivery at the speed of light! - Your images are transmitted by DSL directly to our lab. We have the fastest delivery available for you.
  • Absolute Commitment - Suburban Studio guarantees satisfaction with our photography. 
  • Digital Design - Photography beyond film. Here is where you leave film in the dust. Your imagination is the only limit.
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