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Family Photography Prices

Photography Sessions are what it takes to get images in a way that pleases you. Time, skill, imagination and creativity are all on tap for you as part of your photography.

Consultation and Planning are an essential part of your photography. This is when you get to know your photographer and say what your expectations are. Since portrait photography is a deeply personal expression, consultation with your photographer is essential to the outcome you want. Consultation is FREE!

In the studio

Individual Photography Session- $39.99
Couple Photography Session - $54.99
Group of 3 Photography Session - $79.99

Please add $3.99 for each extra person after three.
Maximum photography fee - $100

Group photography fee is for the largest group in any session. Additional photography of sub-groups or individuals are included in the largest group and photographed at the same session are FREE!

Outside the studio

We will come to your home or a favorite location, indoors or out, for your photography session.  Many of our customers prefer images that result from photography done beyond the camera room.

Our equipment has been chosen to be equally at home, in our studio, or on location.   Please view our variety of family portraits and ask questions to help you decide which is best for you.

Photography on location - first hour - $99
additional hours including waiting - $88

Consultation in Advance - FREE!

Family Reunions

Do you have a big family or big family event coming up?  At Suburban Studio we will come to your home or favorite location for your photography session.

Consultation before photography is free. It is best to develop a plan before the photography appointment.  Both you and your photographer must clearly understand the theme and mission of your portrait.

Photography on location - first hour - $99
additional hours including waiting - $88

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